Just to give you an idea of what you will find at Söll along with its amenities.

Our short walks ensure you never stray too far from Söll whilst still able to appreciate the scenery. For children, special children's areas have been set up in each village.

The more advanced walker can take in the sights of Söll, visit neighbouring villages in the valley, and even cross over into adjacent valleys.

These longer walks are often a combination of other walks, or walks in their own right.

Introduction to Söll and the Walks

There is a free bus service from Söll to Going (the Kaiserjet). There is also a good pay bus service in the Söll valley and in the next valley from Hopfgarten to Westendorf, Brixen, Kirchberg and on to Kitzbuhel. You can also get the bus to Kitzbuhel from Söll, changing at St Johann. You can get bus timetables for both valleys at the tourist office in Söll.

If you get a lift pass, you can use a great variety of lifts in both valleys, and reach many villages with little or no walking if you want. You can reach all the villages in the other valley without any walking by going up by the two gondolas to Hohe Salve and then down by another two gondolas to Hopfgarten, where you can get buses to Westendorf, Brixen, Kirchberg and Kitzbuhel. You can get a lift pass for any number of consecutive days for the Ski Welt area (Going, Ellmau, Scheffau, Söll, Hopfgarten, Westendorf and Brixen). If you are going to use the lifts on more than one day, it is usually cheaper to buy a lift pass, which you can get from the bottom station of any of the lifts.

You can also get a more extensive pass to cover the Kitzbuhel area as well.

There are public toilets at every base lift station, at the middle stations at Söll and Hopfgarten, and at the top stations at Söll, Scheffau, Brixen, Ellmau, Scheffau Brandstadl and Westendorf. There are toilets at the Gemeinderhaus (behind the church) at Scheffau.

For all timetable details for the free buses and mountain lifts in the resort, plus details of all the local events go to the official resort website for Söll and the whole of the Wilder Kaiser Valley at www.wilderkaiser.info/en/ or the area lift website www.skiwelt.at.

Times of walks are approximate, as everyone goes at a different pace. Distances depend on the setting of the pedometer to length of step, so are also approximate. GPS distance measurements have been no more accurate as the routes often go under trees, and the satellite does not operate properly in those circumstances.

To reach the Söll Gondola Station from the village pedestrian area, you go right at the crossroads between the bank and the souvenir shop. Cross over by the roundabout and walk straight up to the gondola station. It is a gentle uphill walk. The distance is 1.35k or 0.85 miles. You can get the Kaiserjet bus up to the gondola station.

The Kaiserjet, the free bus, usually starts from the bus station. You can also catch the Kaiserjet at the village crossroads by the pedestrian precinct, but it is often full by then. Timetables are available from the Tourist Office in the pedestrian precinct. To reach the bus station from the village cross roads, go into the pedestrian area, then go down the second small road on the right to the bus station. Public buses also go to Worgl (where you can then catch the train towards Innsbruck), to Itter, to Kufstein and to St Johann, where you change bus to go to Kitzbuhel.

The walking guide is so arranged that you can often just take one or two downloaded sheets with you, covering a day`s walks. Children`s Areas are covered at the end of the Short Walks Section followed by photos of the Flora and Fauna of the Alps and a children`s I Spy sheet.

Resort Pictures (click on images below for more pictures)

Inside Söll Church

Söll Band

Music and Craft Evening

Music at the Almsfest