Just to give you an idea of what you will find at Söll along with its amenities.

Our short walks ensure you never stray too far from Söll whilst still able to appreciate the scenery. For children, special children's areas have been set up in each village.

The more advanced walker can take in the sights of Söll, visit neighbouring villages in the valley, and even cross over into adjacent valleys.

These longer walks are often a combination of other walks, or walks in their own right.

Medium Söll Walks
Walks 14 & 15: Söll to Hoch Söll and the Reverse

Difficulty: Walk 14 - Moderate (all uphill) / Walk 15 - Moderate (all downhill)
Distance: 3.05 miles / 4.9 kms
There are three different routes from Söll village to HochSoll, which is half way up the mountainside. It is uphill all the way from the village to HochSoll. At HochSoll there is a marvellous water feature for children to play in, set out all along the main path and up the hillside. It is the best children`s area I have seen.
Walk 16: Hohe Salve to Hoch Söll

Difficulty: Moderate (all downhill)
Distance: 3.2 miles / 5 kms
This is the walk from the summit to the half way point. You can walk this in either direction, but it is quite a steep walk. Many people get the two gondolas to the summit at Hohe Salve and then walk down, either to the halfway point at Hoch Söll, or all the way to the village using walks 15a, b or c – a total of just over 7 miles or 11 kilometres.
Walks 17-20: Söll to Scheffau and back by a variety of routes

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Distance: 4.17 miles / 6.7 kms
This is a moderate to easy walk to either Scheffau Village (Dorf) which is high above the valley, or to the Scheffau Gondola lift, with beautiful views along most of the route. Scheffau is a very quiet village on a plateau high above the valley floor.
Walk 21: Söll to Itter and the Reverse

Difficulty: Moderate (an uphill stretch before Itter)
Distance: 3.8 miles / 6 kms
This is a lovely walk to the very quiet and pretty village of Itter which is up on a plateau overlooking the Hopfgarten Valley. A castle, in private hands, presents a stunning background to the village. This walk is so arranged to avoid, apart from one short stretch, the car fumes of the main road on the valley floor. From Itter you can walk on to Hopfgarten if you want.
Walk 22: Itter to Hopfgarten and the Reverse

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy (largely downhill)
Distance: 2.8 miles / 4.5 kms
You can continue Walk 21 from Itter to Hopfgarten, or you can get the bus to Itter and then walk to Hopfgarten. The walk goes through the woods above Itter, and then follows a very quiet road down into the Hopfgarten Valley.
Walk 23: Hopfgarten to Westendorf and the Reverse

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3.55 miles / 5.7 kms
Hopfgarten has a very large and prominent two towered church. You can reach Hopfgarten by getting the 2 gondolas up to Hohe Salve and then the 2 gondolas down to Hopfgarten, or you can walk from Söll or Itter. (Walks 21 and 22).
Walks 24 & 25: Hoch Söll to Filzalmsee and Hoch Brixen and the Reverse

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3.4 miles / 5.4 kms
You can get the gondola up to Hoch Söll, and then take either of two routes to Filzamsee and Hoch Brixen. I usually go on route 24a and come back on 24b. Filzamsee is an artificial lake just before you reach HochBrixen. If you are energetic you can pedal Neptune out of the lake! Filzamsee has seats all around it and is a very good place to stop and picnic and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains. There is also a children`s play area by the lake. From Hoch Brixen you can take a gondola (on the same lift pass as Söll) down into the Brixen Valley to visit Westendorf or Kirchberg (see Walks 26 and 44).
Walks 26 & 27: Brixen to Westendorf and the Reverse

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.2 miles / 3.5 kms
This is my favourite stretch of walking in the Alps, especially walking from Westendorf to Brixen. The walk is virtually on the level and on a sunny day, the green slopes of the mountains look beautiful especially with so many deciduous trees. Westendorf itself is a very attractive village with some very old farmhouse buildings. You can reach Westendorf without any walking if you want by bus from Hopfgarten.
Walks 28 & 29: Scheffau Village (Dorf) to Ellmau and then on to Going

Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3.5 miles / 5.4 kms to Ellmau
This route is arranged to avoid the car fumes of the main valley road. You can reach the start at Scheffau Village by bus or by Walks 17a or 17b. The walk takes you up the Winter toboggan run, through woods, and then down to Ellmau outdoor swimming baths and across Ellmau golf course. From the seats by the golf course you get stunning views of Ellmau, and can see the gondola climbing up to Hartkaiser. Ellmau is a busy mountain village. You can go on to Going without going into the centre of Ellmau, or you can visit Ellmau first and then walk on to Going. Going is a much quieter and smaller village, very pretty with the river flowing through the centre, and an attractive church.
Walks 30 & 31: Hartkaiser (top of Ellmau gondola) to Brandstadl and the Reverse

Difficulty: Moderate (Walk 30) (continually uphill after the first bit) / Easy (Walk 31)
Distance: 1.7 miles / 2.7 kms
At Hartkaiser there is a large restaurant with space to sit outside, and a children`s play area. There is a restaurant and another play area just below Brandstadl. There are two routes for this walk. The PanoramaWeg gives you spectacular views over the valley. The alternative route does not give you the views, but keeps to a wide main path.
Walk 32: Top of Scheffau Gondola to Hoch Brixen Gondola then on to Hoch Söll

Difficulty: Medium (undulating but no steep uphill bits)
Distance: 3.7 miles or 7.25 miles
Difficulty of walk as far as Hoch Brixen classed as easy. Undulating but no steep uphill bits. This walk is mainly on the level or downhill, with views over the Brixen Valley much of the way. From Hoch Brixen walk 25 takes you back to Hoch Söll.
Walk 32b: From Hartkaiser at top of the gondola to the top of the Brixen Gondola

Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 5 miles approx.
This has an uphill stretch (see Walk 30b) before it meets the path from Scheffau, from where it undulates gently as far as Hoch Brixen.
Walk 32c: Walk up to Jochstubensee en-route to Hoch Brixen on Walks 32 and 32b

DifficDifficulty: Medium
Duration: 20 minutes
You can divert up to Jochstubensee. Jochstubensee is a pretty lake up on the right – you can get up there in 20 minutes, but the path up is quite steep on the Scheffau/Ellmau side. You can walk round the lake and go down a path on the far side to join the main path again. There is a restaurant by the lake. The diversion could add up to an hour. There are seats all around the lake.