Just to give you an idea of what you will find at Söll along with its amenities.

Our short walks ensure you never stray too far from Söll whilst still able to appreciate the scenery. For children, special children's areas have been set up in each village.

The more advanced walker can take in the sights of Söll, visit neighbouring villages in the valley, and even cross over into adjacent valleys.

These longer walks are often a combination of other walks, or walks in their own right.

Short Walks and Children's Areas
Walk 1: Stroll to the 1809 War Memorial

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: 35 to 40 minutes
This takes you through the woods to a war memorial in commemoration of a Napoleonic battle against the Bavarians in Söll in 1809.
Walk 2: Tree Walk via 1492 Farmhouse and Herb Garden.

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy (with some moderate uphill bits)
Duration: 40 to 50 minutes (there and back)
The walk gives lovely views through the trees over Söll. Many of the trees on this walk, some over 170 years old, have their estimated ages on them. The 1492 farmhouse is very attractive with the herb garden next to it.
Walk 3: Tree Walk to Morsee and Back

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy (with some moderate uphill bits)
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
This is one of 3 possible routes to Morsee a small fishing lake on the edges of Söll.
Walk 4: Walk to Morsee via the 1809 War memorial and back to Söll

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: 50 minutes
This extends walk 1 through the woods to the small fishing lake of Morsee
Walk 5: Direct route to Morsee and back to Söll

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: 50 minutes
This is the most direct route to Morsee, along pavements all the way.
Walk 6: Circular Walk via the Model Railway and the Stampfanger Stream

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30 minutes
This can be a pleasant short evening stroll.
Walk 7: Walk to the Stampfanger Kapelle

Difficulty: Gently Uphill (most of the way along the river)
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes (one way)
Legend says that the rock crashed down from the mountain. It very narrowly missed a child, but no-one was injured. The chapel was built as thanks to God. You can usually go into the chapel.
Walk 8: To the Stampfanger Kapelle by Bus (Kaiserjet) then Walk Back to Söll

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: 45 minutes walk
This cuts uphill walking to a minimum (just the final stretch), with a pleasant walk back downhill along the river.
Walk 9: Circular from Söll via the Solar Panels

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: 2 hours (4 miles)
This can be a gentle morning or afternoon stroll in either direction. This walk extends some of the earlier walks. The solar panels are also at the half way point for any walk to Scheffau, and there is a seat there to admire the view.
Walk 10: Circular around the top at Hohe Salve

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30 minutes
Hohe Salve is the best of the mountain peaks in the area. You get magnificent 360 degree views from the summit over all the neighbouring valleys. You can see as far as Kufstein and the German border in the north on a clear day, and over to Niederau in the West. Westendorf lies immediately below the summit to the south and you can see towards the Kitzbuhelerhorn to the east.
Walk 11: Hexenwasser (Witches Water) walk at Hoch Söll

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10-15 minutes to the bottom
The witch (hexen) is the emblem of Söll. Hexenwasser is a marvellous children`s play area on the path from the gondola station at Hoch Söll down to the Stockalm Restaurant, with a whole variety of obstacles and water features. This is the best children`s area I have seen anywhere, and will also give pleasure to adults watching the activities.
Walk 12: Hexenwald (Witches Wood) walk at Hoch Söll

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: 2 hours (1.6 miles / 2.5kms)
The area above HochSoll is called “the witches wood”, “Hexen Wald”. There are witches dwellings in the woods and witches cooking on busy days.
Walk 13: Short Evening Stroll

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 30 minutes
This takes you along the small stream running through the back of Söll.
Soll Tourist Office Walks

Difficulty: Moderate to Easy
Duration: Varies
The Söll Tourist Office has set up 4 recommended walks in the valley. You can start at any point and go as far or as short a distance as you want. The Tourist Office provides a very good map for these walks
Children's Area - Hexenwasser (Witches Water) at Hoch Söll

Children can play in the many excellent water features. These features follow the water downhill from the Gondola Station to the Stockalm Restaurant, with another path also going up the hill side towards Hexenwald. The children can also visit the Bee Centre at HochSöll, where they can safely watch the bees in their hives through glass. See also Walk 11.
Children's Area - Hexenwald (Witches' Wood) in the woods above Hoch Söll

At weekends and in school holiday time the children can meet the “witches” who show them around the witches` house, and cook with them over a camp fire. See also Walk 12.
Children's Area - Hohe Salve

Hohe Salve is where the children can climb all over the giant`s head, and follow the Panorama Walk (Walk 10) just under the peak, with views over Söll, and views over the surrounding villages of Kirchberg, Brixen and Westendorf. The children can also see the marmottes which live just under the summit on the Westendorf side.
Children's Area - Filzamsee at HochBrixen

Filzamsee at HochBrixen has Neptune`s head rising from the water if you pedal fast enough. The children can also climb on the frames, paddle in a shallow paddling pool and walk through the mudbath (hosepipe available for cleaning up afterwards). You reach this using Walk 24.
Children's Area - KaiserWelt at Scheffau, Brandstadl

KaiserWelt at Scheffau, Brandstadl is at the top of the Scheffau Gondola lift. There is a new Panoramaweg (the Kaiserrundweg) and a large play area in the woods with all sorts of great climbing equipment and games. There is also a zip cord, swings, trampoline and pedal cars outside the Restaurant at Brandstadl.
Children's Area - Ellmi`s Zauberwelt at Hartkaiser, Ellmau

Ellmi`s Zauberwelt at Hartkaiser, Ellmau, at the top of the HartkaiserBahn. This is a large play and educational area in the woods. Amongst the most popular features are the giant chairs and the talking trees! There is a huge climbing tower, trampolines, goblins squirting water, and educational books displaying pictures of the local flowers, animals and rocks, etc.
Children's Area - Badesee at Going

Badesee is at Going just beyond the terminus of the Kaiserjet. This is a brilliant swimming lake, specially adapted for children, with water slides and chutes, wobbly stepping stones, rope pulled boats, volley ball and all sorts of other things to keep children occupied for a whole afternoon or day, and it is very cheap. There is a vast expanse of grass for sunbathing and watching.
Children's Area - The Kaiserbad at Ellmau

The Kaiserbad at Ellmau is on the Kaiserjet bus route, with indoor and outdoor swimming, and a large outdoor play area with trampolines etc.
Children's Area - Ahornsee at Söll

Ahornsee opened in 2012 for open air swimming.
Children's Area - Westendorf

Westendorf has a children`s area at the top of the Gondola and at Choralp, nearby.
Children Might See Around Söll

Download the sheet and see how many things you can spot on your travels.
Flora of the Alps

A few pictures of some of the beautiful flora you'll see on your walks - see if you can indentify them all.
Fauna of the Alps

As well as the flora, there are lots of different fauna too. Here are a few examples.